Getting Around

Saranda is a pretty compact and it’s easy to go around by foot. Many sights, shops, hotels and restaurants are within close proximity. However, there are other options for transportation which you definitely need for longer distances and to visit places of interest outside Saranda.

By Bus

The cheapest way to get around and out of Saranda is by bus or mini bus, called furgon in Albanian. Only 150 lek brings you already as far as Butrint. Saranda’s bus station consists of the streets around the Friendship Park (Parku Miqësia) and the ruins of the synagogue next to it. Among them are busses south to Butrint (via Ksamil), north to Vlora and northeast to Gjirokastra that leave hourly from the early morning until the late afternoon.

Apart from the start and ending point of each line, you don’t see any bus stops along the way. You can just waive your hand to get on and tell the driver when you want to get off. Tickets can be purchased in cash from the driver.

Bus From Saranda To Butrint

The bus from Saranda to Ksamil and Butrint departs from just outside the ferry terminal on Rruga Jonianet (roundabout with a big tree) and departs every hour (see timetable below). It goes through Rruga Skënderbeu (also referred to as 2nd road) in the centre of Saranda and via Rruga Butrinti to Ksamil and then continues to Butrint. On the way back the bus goes through Rruga Butrinti again and then into Rruga Lefter Talo (also referred to as 4th road) and terminates again on Rruga Jonianet.

This price of this bus is 100 lekë for any ride within Saranda, 150 lekë to Ksamil, and 200 lekë to Butrint.

Bus from Saranda to Butrint which departs from the Port of Saranda
Bus stop at the Port of Saranda

Daily Departure Times Saranda – Butrint

From Saranda Port:From Butrint:
* Summer schedule only. The bus times are roughly the same year-round but during winter and throughout spring and fall the schedule is ramping up and down by shaving on and off some of the early and late rides. You can always find the latest schedule at the entrance of the bus itself.

Bus From Saranda To Tirana

Trans Butrinti is the company operating the bus route between Saranda and Tirana with several daily departures. The ticket office in Saranda is located on the corner of Rruga Flamurit and Rruga Onhezmi, just behind the Synagogue Ruins and the bus departs just in front of there on the corner of the Friendship Park.

The fair is 1700 lekë one-way and takes approximately 4 hours, taking the fastest route via the new tunnel in Kardhiq and with a short stop on the way.

Here are the departure times for the buses between Saranda and Tirana and back:

From Saranda:From Tirana:

Buses From Saranda To Other Cities

All buses and mini-buses (furgons) from Saranda to other cities depart from the bus station on Rruga Flamurit, between Rruga Lefter Talo and the Friendship Park (Rruga Onhezmi). Below are some of the departure times. Be aware that these buses are independently operated and times may vary, so it’s always best to check with the operating companies themselves.

Destination:Departure Times:
Berat08.00 / 10.15 / 14.30
Elbasan06.00 / 11.30 / 13.30
Lushnje11.00 / 15.00
Fier12.00 / 12.30
Vlora07.30 / 11.30
Finiq07.00 / 09.00 / 11.00 / 13.30
Himara10.00 / 13.00
Saranda Bus Station

By Taxi

Taxis are a relatively cheap, comfortable and reliable way to get around. You can hail any taxi on the street or go one of the taxi stands. There’s a taxi stand next to the port, one at Nëne Tereza square, and one close to Hotel Butrint and the southern end of the promenade. Any taxi ride within the city should coast around 300-500 lek.

You can also get a ride to other sights or cities in the region. They usually wait for you to drive you back or you can arrange a taxi for a full day. Always make sure to agree the price upfront.

 You can find a list of taxi companies on our website here.

Taxi stand at the Friendship Park in Saranda

By Rental Car

Despite the options above, there are places you simply can’t get by public transport and taxis can ultimately get expensive. Think about stunning viewpoints, the best deserted beaches and some truly Albanian countryside villages. If you want to enjoy the ultimate freedom and flexibility, then you should definitely adopt Albania’s tourism slogan “Go your own way!” and rent a car.

You can find a list of car rental companies and pick-up locations on our car rental page.

By Boat

Some of the best beaches in the Albanian Riviera are secluded an can only be reached by boat. A boat trip can be a great way to enjoy some amazing beaches and discover some beautiful and colorful fish while swimming or snorkling in the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea.

Book A Tour

The most convenient way to see more of the Albanian Riviera without the hassle of finding your way, is to book a tour. We have listed many different tours to the highlights around Saranda that you can simply book online.