Saranda’s Bustling Nightlife

Being the biggest city in the south, you can expect Saranda to have a great nightlife, especially in summer when the city is full of tourists. A common Albanian practice is to start the evening with a Xhiro, an evening walk to meet and socialize with family and friends. You’ll see many locals participating in this, especially on the boulevard. This is a great place to start the evening, with many restaurants and easy going bars with open air seating. You can enjoy great views over the bay while watching the crowds pass by.

View on Saranda city with lights at night, Albania

There are many bars in Saranda that operate as a cafe or restaurant during the day and turn into lively bars or nightclubs at night and stay open until the early hours. Some places are only open during the summer, especially the beach bars that operate as open air clubs. Music usually varies from ethnic Albanian to Greek, electronic, house to popular western music.