In Saranda you can basically get everything you need for your stay. There are many shops around the city and you’ll find at least a small grocery shop in almost any street. Most shops are open 7 days a week.

At the same time, don’t expect shopping malls or big international chains. Saranda is a local town which still has the charm of its local community with lots of small boutique shops. Especially around the centrally located streets Rruga Flamurit, Rruga Skënderbeu, Rruga Onhezmi and Rruga Lefter Talo you’ll find shops selling clothes, shoes, cosmetics, electronics as well as bakeries, fish shops and supermarkets.

A full list of shops in Saranda and other nearby places can be found here or click on a specific shop category below.

Shops in Rruga Flamurit in Saranda, Albania
Shops in Rruga Flamurit in Saranda


For most basic groceries, you don’t have to go far in Saranda, as you can find at least a small corner shop or convenience store every few hundred meters. Throughout Saranda and Ksamil you can also find some larger supermarkets, but don’t expect any superstores or hypermarkets.

In the center of town, between Rruga Jonianet and Rruga Abedin Dino, there is also a local farmers market where you can buy all kinds of fresh produce from the local farmers in Saranda and nearby villages.

Bakeries & Byrektore

Most supermarkets don’t sell much freshly baked bread. So you would be better of getting your fresh loafs from one of the many bakeries or byrektore around town. Byrek (also called börek or burek in other countries) is a typical snack found in Balkan countries, which is a pastry filled with either cheese, meat, spinach or something else.

Fresh Fish & Seafood

If you fancy cooking yourself, it’s definitely worth checking one of the fish shops for a variety of catches from the local fishermen.


In summer, you’ll find plenty of souvenir stalls on the promenade. What about a small miniature bunker or snow globe? Or would you rather take home some locally produced raki or honey?