Welcome to our About page were we will explain more about our mission and why we created VisitSaranda.net.

What is VisitSaranda.net?

On this website you can find tourist information about Saranda and the surrounding environment. You can find ideas about what to do, what places to visit and other practical information like transportation, shopping and where to eat and stay. We provide the best offers for your accommodation, rental car and tours.

Why We Created This Website

We really love to travel ourselves and surely love to hear from others how they experienced their trip so we can pick the best destinations and prepare ourselves for a great experience. We’re in love with the Albanian Riviera but we also realize that many tourists know very little about this largely untapped destination. We created this website in order to spread the word about Albania but also to make it more accessible by helping travelers plan their trip.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help anyone traveling to Saranda with practical information, tips and recommendations from locals and other travelers to make the best out of their holiday.

About Lovin’ Travel

Visit Saranda and the website visitsaranda.net are part of Lovin Travel, registered in the Netherlands (KvK: 82844224).