Dancing With Goats – A Passion Project In The Village of Tatzat

On September 20th 2021 Dancing With Goats took place in the village of Tatzat, not far from Saranda. Bledi Budo, founder of Saranda Experience, teamed up with American performance artist Joseph Ravens to create a unique experience. The idea for Dancing With Goats was born after Joseph fell in love with the farm in Tatzat and its unique location between the mountains.

Although the name Dancing With Goats is meant as a metaphore for the village life combined with a festival, there were around 80 actual goats participating in the event. The entire day was set up to be a unique experience that included an excursion, some taste of true Albanian village life, art performances and a dance party under the full moon.

After visiting the villages of Kalasë and Tatzat and a hike to a waterfall, the group of participants gathered in the fields of the farm between the mountains. Igor Josifov from Macedonia and Nenad Bogdanovic from Serbia each presented an art performance, and the local farmer showed how they make their homemade booz in a raki making workshop.

After sunset, the 80 goats took the center stage. Equipped with lights and bells, the goats moving down the mountain created a unique experience in the dark which kicked off the party. An group of melancholic singers completed the village experience, after which DJ Olti Oneyl made sure the crowd got their feet off the ground under the full moon.

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