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Booking a tour is a great way to visit the highlights of the Albanian Riviera. Here is a list of tours in Saranda other places in the south of Albania. Book online to secure the tour on your preferred date.

Visit Lekursi Castle

Book From €18.00

Tour Of Saranda

Book From €25.63

Visit The Saint George Monastery

Book From €32.06

Camping At Lukova Beach

Book From €33.00

Albanian Evening Village Experience

Book From €35.00

Tour To The Ancient City Of Butrint – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Book From €38.45

Mandarina Tour

Book From €38.98

Tour To The Blue Eye, Porto-Palermo and Lukova

Book From €41.03

Visit The Blue Eye And Lekursi Castle

Book From €44.88

Saranda Jeep Safari (Hotel Pickup In Saranda & Ksamil)

Book From €46.16