Ferry Between Saranda And Corfu Resuming

The ferries between Saranda and the Greek Island of Corfu can resume their operations as the sea border has reopened again on July 1st.

Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, the sea border between Corfu and Albania has been closed for over a year with no ferries being able to operate at all. The Greek government has started to ease travel restrictions over the last few weeks and is now allowing ferries with Albania again.

To enter Albania there are currently no restrictions, vaccination, testing or quarantine requirements but we don’t know yet if this will also be the case when taking the ferry to Albania.

Be aware that the Greek government has put some travel protocols in place. To enter Greece you need the following:

Always make sure to inform yourself about the latest requirements when taking the ferry to Corfu. You can find regular updates on the official website of the Greek authorities.

For general information about the ferry you can read our detailed guide about the ferry between Saranda and Corfu.

Finikas Lines has so far resumed the service from Saranda to Corfu in one-way only which departs at 16.00 daily. They are currently working on completing all the requirements from the port to be able to resume the service in both ways.


On July 9th Finikas Lines has confirmed they will operate the following schedule from now on:

  • Saranda – Corfu: departing 10.30 and 16.00 daily
  • Corfu – Saranda: departing 13.00 and 19.00 daily

Last updated: July 9th 2021


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