Tips For Driving A Car In Albania

Even though there are plenty of busses and minivans driving around and public transport has improved over the years, the best way to explore the real Albania is by driving a car. This will not only give you more flexibility and convenience, but you will be able to make detours and discover more of the stunning landscapes, mountains, waterfalls, small villages and not to forget the beautiful coastline.

If you arrive by air or ferry, you can easily rent a car in Saranda, or at Tirana Airport.

While massive investments have seriously improved road conditions in Albania, we do want to advise to be careful. When truly exploring Albania, you will meet roads of different conditions, so for your own safety, here are some tips:

  • Always abide by the traffic rules and speed limits:
    • Residential areas: 50 km/h
    • Outside residential areas: 90 km/h
    • On motorways: 110 km/h
    • Mobile phones can only be used in hands free mode.
  • Beware of animals and slow traffic: Especially in rural areas, don’t be surprised of herds of goats or other animals blocking the road.
A herd of sheep in the middle of the coastal road SH8 in the Albanian Riviera.
  • Don’t blindly follow your GPS: while satellite navigation can be a blessing in unknown territories, be aware that it might not always be up to date and that some smaller ‘roads’ can be of a terrible condition or are actually tracks.
  • Don’t drink & drive: Albania has a zero tolerance for drink driving and you will need full focus on the road and traffic around you.
  • In case of emergency dial 129. In case of a road accident you have to wait until the police arrive.

Although driving in Albania is probably different from the orderly traffic and perfectly paved roads in your home country, if you take the above tips in mid and be careful of other drivers, driving in Albania is actually a true blessing. You’ll be amazed by the beauty of the country which will convince you to make many stops on your way.

Enjoy and have a safe road trip!


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