Visit Saranda Is Now On YouTube!

As much as we try to describe the beauty of the Albanian Riviera on our website, there’s only so much words can tell. So we took it to Youtube to share the beauty of the surroundings of Saranda in a series of videos so you can discover it with your own eyes. We’ll continue to create and upload more content and you’ll also see the relevant videos embedded to articles on our website as we strive to be the most complete and comprehensive guide to Saranda and the Albanian Riviera.

So check out our Youtube channel and make sure to follow us by subscribing and if you click on the notification bell, you’ll never have to miss a new video.

To easily find similar videos, we’ve also created some playlists, including all videos about Saranda and the Beaches of the Albanian Riviera. We’d appreciate any likes and comments on our videos as this helps to spread the beauty of Albania to more people.

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