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  • Doug

    We did a Monastery Marathon with Bledi, 5 Monasteries in a Day, while a long day, and with numerous stops for a reviving raki, a light lunch in a place called Delvina?, before a really memorable sunset dinner with wine and all sorts of delicious home cooked food, on the terrace of their beautiful house and garden, myself, and i think 8 others, chatted, ate, drank, talked and laughed and chilled as the Sun went down.. truly an experience i’ll not forget in a long time, and one of my highlights of Albania.

    Bledi had great knowledge, and knows so many people, that he got keys to places that were locked up for a long time… if you like some gentle walks, and some serious history, and places you WOULD NEVER find on your own, go on one with Saranda Experience…. they are truly well named.

    The cost was a LOT less than i would, and have paid for so called experiences in other places, where it was no more than half as memorable.

    If i had more time in Albania, i’d be having more than one more trip with Bledi and his company.

    Well worth the 5 stars above… i’d give it more

  • Martin

    Bledi is an amazing guy who creates incredible experiences. He doesn’t show you the mainstream tourist spots, but takes you off the grid to be part of the real Albanian village life with culture, nature and the best food grown and cooked by local families. I definitely recommend him to anyone!

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