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Are you organizing an event and want to bring this to the attention, so more people are aware and can join? Then you can now list it on Visit Saranda for free!

Every day hundreds of visitors browse our website searching for things to do in and around Saranda. From touristic sights to the best places to eat or where to shop, but also to see what’s on in the city and where they can find like-minded people with a similar interest.

That’s why we created an events calendar so together with our community we can list all the upcoming activities from social gatherings to live music and festivals, to sports classes and outdoor activities, or charity and other initiatives.

So How Can I List My Event?

You can list your event for free by taking the following steps:

  • STEP 1: Create an account here.
  • STEP 2: Once you have created an account you can login here.
  • STEP 3: Scroll down to the bottom of any page on the website and click on POST AN EVENT.
  • STEP 4: Fill in the form to request your free listing and once done, click on the “Submit Listing” button.
  • STEP 5: Once approved your event will be shown on the website.

To make the events calendar useful for everyone there are a few things you should take in mind:

  • Please consider whether your event is suitable to be shared to the wider audience of our website. You can always contact us if in doubt, but here are a few examples to help you get an idea:
    • Any events that include illegal activities are not allowed.
    • Listing your private birthday party is probably not a good idea.
    • A bar having a happy hour every day from 5 to 6 pm is not an event. But if you have a live band playing on Saturday at 8pm you are more than welcome to list this as an event.
    • Listing the daily opening times of your fitness studio is not an event, but if you organize a yoga class every Thursday at 10am it definitely qualifies as an event.
    • Organizing a group hike can be a great way to meet new friends so this is definitely an event that is valuable to be listed so people with a similar interest can join.
  • You can edit your event at any time, so please keep your event details up-to-date, especially if it gets postponed or cancelled.
  • After the event date has passed, it will automatically expire so there’s no need to remove it.
  • If you organize the same event more often, you can make it a recurring event, so you don’t have to enter each occasion separately. For example if you have a band playing live music every Friday, you can set it to recur weekly for a number of occasions.
  • You can link an event to the respective venue, for example a bar or restaurant, if this has already been listed on Visit Saranda. This way your bar will show up as the venue on the event’s page and the event will show up on the page of your bar. To do this, start typing in the name of your venue in the “Event Location” field and select the right listing from the suggestions. If you then click on the arrows button on the right, some fields (like the address) will automatically be pre-populated so you don’t have to manually enter everything.
  • Keep in mind that this website is in English, so all listings should be in the English language.

If you are not sure whether you should list your event, if you miss any specific categories or have any other questions or feedback you can always contact us for help.

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