The Best International Food Restaurants In Saranda For 2024

Eating out in Saranda is a real treat as you will mostly be served dishes made with the freshest ingredients from the region. But for long, most restaurants had very similar menus, based on a mix of the local Albanian cuisine, with Greek, Italian and Balkan influences. Over the last few years this has changed with more and more restaurants offering a distinguishing menu with more contemporary and international dishes. Sometimes you simply want something different, right? Therefore we have listed the best international restaurants with the most distinguishing menus, including some additions for the 2024 season.

The Nomad Burgers & Steaks

The Nomad Burgers & Steaks

This is the only place where they know how to make real American style burgers and steaks is at The Nomad Burgers & Steaks. All burgers are freshly cut and shaped by the chef, so no premade patties here. So far, no restaurant in town has even come close to what you get here. Also check out the delicious fries and sauces.

Casa Mexicana

Tacos at Casa Mexicana

It takes a trip to Ksamil, but it might be worth it just for the food at Casa Mexicana, because this is the first real Mexican restaurant in Albania. With a chef from Mexico City they know all to well how to make real tacos. All ingredients are fresh and the tacos are handmade and simply mouthwatering!

Art Sushi

Art Sushi

Art Sushi is the only real Japanese and Chinese restaurant in Saranda and after they opened only a few years ago, they have quickly established a good name for themselves. They serve a wide selection of sushi and sashimi, but also other Asian dishes like noodles and Chinese sweet and sour chicken.

Moma Pasta Fresca

Papardelle ragu at Moma Pasta Fresca

Another relatively new restaurant in town that has been an instant success from it’s inception year is Moma Pasta Fresca. The Italian owners came over to Saranda from their hometown Bologna in Italy, to bring new flavors to town. All pasta is made freshly by hand and if you’re lucky, Mario will give you a demonstration when he cuts the pasta sheets into strings. We tasted the papardelle with ragu (bolognese is called ragu in Bologna) and it was absolutely delicious!

Balbi 34

Ravioli at Balbi 34

At Balbi 34 they also make fresh pasta for which they already deserve a place on this list. But they have many more distiguishing dishes on their menu and the quality and flavors are simply amazing. They also have good quality wines and delicious deserts.

Salad Farm

Salad Farm

The menu at Salad Farm is based on the Californian cuisine, which the American owners brought to Saranda, but of course everything is made from locally grown ingredients. Check out their Botë Farms as well to see for yourself! Apart from a range of salads they also have sandwiches, wraps and gourmet lemonades and smoothies. You can also pick up a lunch box for the beach.


Octopus at Manxurane

At Manxurane the chef combines local cuisine and ingredients with French and other international inspired touches, making this a true fusion restaurant. All dishes are of high quality and this is also the case for their wine menu.

Marini in Saranda

Breakfast at Marini

At Marini all food is considered good, albeit a bit of a mix of local and international cuisine. Hands down their breakfast is the best in town as it stands out from any other place. From eggs benedict to omelets and pancakes, or what to think of their full American or Albanian breakfast platter for two, there’s no better way to start your day! For lunch or dinner they have many choices, but we were particularly fond of the appetizer dips and the brazed beef.

Pizzeria Maria Madalena

You can get pizzas almost everywhere in Saranda, but the quality varies a lot and if we’re truly honest, really good ones are even rare. The pizzas at Maria Madalena are our absolute favorites. They stand out for their quality dough and other ingredients, and their crispy thin crust. From the outdoor terrace, you also get to enjoy a seaview.

The Dick & Devil’s Pub

The Dick & Devil's Pub

The Dick & Devil’s Pub is an American style bar with a distinguishing menu for Saranda. You can get things like burgers, wraps, cuban sandwiches, pierogies, and chicken pot pie, most of which you can’t get anywhere else in Saranda. The bar is mostly frequented by expats and nomads, so it’s also a great place to make new friends.

Tako Tako

Tako Tako has only just opened up but is ready to feed your hungry belly with delicious tacos. The expat run taco bar is already a favorite among many foreigners who live in Saranda which also makes it a great place to hang out for some beers or frozen margaritas, while making new friends.

Green Life Market

The most unique restaurant in Saranda is definitely Green Life Market, as this is the place that serves 100% vegan dishes. The restaurant is run by a passionate couple which came to Saranda from abroad to fulfill their dream to cook delicious food while helping the world become more sustainable. The menu is usually small but varies based on new recipies they often create themselves based on ideas from international cuisines and seasonal availability of local ingredients. Green Life Market is also one of the few places in Saranda that serves freshly tapped craft beer from Albania.

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