10 Top Picks For A Great Night Out In Saranda – Summer 2024 Edition

Being named the unofficial capital of the Albanian Riviera, Saranda is known for its bustling nightlife. It’s the largest and busiest city in the south of Albania and every year more people find their way to the coastal city.

Most of Saranda’s nightlife takes place along and around the city’s beachfront promenade, but there are plenty of other places where you can hang out for a great summer night. Bars and clubs often change so every year new places open up while others close down or change owners and clientele, making many lists that circulate online outdated and useless.

Luckily, we have great insider and local knowledge to stay up to date with the latest developments and can guide you to the best places to hang out this summer. Whether you like a fancy cocktail bar, prefer a more pub-style atmosphere, sing karaoke, or get your feet off the floor on the dance floor, there’s something for everyone in our selection of the 10 best nightlife venues in Saranda for 2024.

1. Jericho

Cocktails at Jericho

Jericho is considered one of the best cocktail bars in town and is located right on the beachfront boulevard. The family owned business is popular among both locals and tourists and has a wide selection of cocktails but they can also create something based on your own taste. The bar is on a deck overlooking the promenade so you always have great views over the bay and you can absorb the vibe from the boulevard’s nightlife.

Open in summer only.

2. Hou Nalu

Hou Nalu is Hawaiian for “new waves” and this newly opened cocktail bar has indeed brought a new wave to town by raising the bar for cocktail venues in Saranda. The bar is located on the rooftop above restaurant Marini in Saranda and has an amazing view over the boulevard, but is quietly located away from the busy street.

Hou Nalu is truly distinguishing itself with a modern, tropical themed style and live DJs playing international electronic music. Expect no margaritas, mojitos or other standard cocktails on their menu but get ready to be inspired by their own original cocktail recipies.

Open in summer only.

3. City Lounge

Demi Hotel has renovated their lounge bar to new standards and the newly opened City Lounge has since been a popular nightlife hangout. The bar is located on a raised deck overlooking the beach and offers a nice view at the lights of the Saranda coastline on the other side of the bay.

Open in summer only.

4. Tipsy Drinks & More

Tipsy Drinks & More is another new place in town. The cocktail bar is located on a viewing deck with amazing views over the promenade and marina. It’s also one of the first places that started to offer sushi to accompany your drinks, making it a fantastic place to hang out for a few hours.

Open in summer only.

5. The Saranda Underground

If you like a more layed-back, pub-style atmosphere with an international crowd of all ages, The Saranda Underground might be your place. This brand new late bar is located in a basement that might look like the man-cave of your dreams with video games, karaoke, drinking games, and quiz nights. Here you can enter as strangers and leave as friends.

Open all year.

6. Orange Lounge Club

Orange Lounge Club

Orange Lounge Club is a large beachfront venue with a great view over the water and the Saranda coastline. The club is always busy and popular among the somewhat younger crowds. There are seats and standing tables and they have a dance floor and a stage for occasional performances. Every evening they have live DJs pumping up the crowds.

Open all year.

7. Tek’Un & Ted’s

Tek’Un & Ted’s is the only Irish pub in Saranda and has a great selection of beers. It’s a truly different place compared to all the beach bars so if you prefer a traditional pub, than this bar is right up your alley. They also serve some bar food and often have live music events.

Open all year.

8. Mango Beach

Mango Beach

Mango Beach is an all-time favorite among locals and visitors as they always manage to get the crowds coming. It’s a great place at any time of the day as they have a large beach with sunbeds and umbrellas and an outdoor bar and restaurant overlooking the beach. There’s always music and in the evening they even have live DJs playing at the beach bar and the indoor club has always a line-up of national and sometimes even international DJs.

Open in summer only.

9. Rock & Blues

Located right on the beachfront promenade, Rock & Blues is one of the most favorite bars among locals, expats, and tourists so it’s no wonder they stay open all year. The bar has great rock music, but also plays other genres and often has live bands performing.

Open all year.

10. Ksamil

If you’re really in for the nightlife, why not spend an evening or even an entire day in Ksamil? The famous beach town is only 12 kilometers south of Saranda and has a surprisingly good nightlife.

During the day you could for example spend some time at Mulino Beach, one of the hottest new places that opened this year with a swimming pool, a pier to jump straight into the sea, a beach bar with a live DJ and they even have an eye-catching windmill!

Poda Beach Bar is famous for its ‘schuma parties’ (foam parties) which they organize a few times a week. They usually start in the afternoon and run until the early evening.

After finishing your dinner during the amazing sunset, you can head to Bianco Lounge, a lounge bar with three floors and live DJs in the middle of the Ksamil peninsula.

A final word of caution: Albania has an almost zero tolerance when it comes to drinking and driving. Also for your own safety, plan to get a taxi back or stay the night in Ksamil if you can’t convince anyone in your group to skip drinking for one night.

Ksamil only has a nightlife in summer.

Looking for more inspiration for a night out? Check our Nightlife page or search for bars, restaurants and cafes in our Food & Drinks directory.


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