12 Bars & Restaurants In Saranda With Amazing Views

There’s no better ambience for some relaxing drinks or a romantic dinner than an amazing view. Luckily Saranda has been built like a theater on the slopes of the hills so there are many places from where you have an unobstructed view. However, like in any theater there are always places with a better view than others. Some of the popular places can also get so busy that you might even want to avoid them when the crowds come during the summer months.

That’s why we come to the rescue to help you find your perfect spot in the theater of Saranda. Here is our list of favorite bars and restaurants with some of the best views, including some truly hidden gems you might not think of in the first place.

1. Restorant Kalaja e Lëkurësit

Lekursi Castle

Let’s start with the most well-known viewpoint in Saranda: Lekursi Castle. If you haven’t been on a tour that makes a stop at the castle, we definitely recommend going there by yourself. You can visit the castle at any time of the day, or come here in the evening for drinks or dinner and enjoy the sunset with this amazing view and some live music. The restaurant Kalaja e Lëkurësit serves a mix of traditional and Mediterranean food and there is also a pizza bar.

2. Bar Restaurant Limani

All the way down on the waterfront boulevard you can find Bar Restaurant Limani. What makes this venue unique is that it is the only restaurant that is not on the promenade, but actually on the water itself at the pier of the marina, so you’re basically sitting on the stage of the theater.

From the restaurant you have a 360 degrees view with the bay of Saranda on one side and on the other side you have a unique view at the promenade, the marina and you’re looking all the way up to the hills behind the town.

It’s not a surprise that Limani is a popular place that gets packed during the summer evenings so you might even have to queue for a table. But the place is open all day and all year long so you will definitely have an opportunity, if not for dinner, you could always drop by for breakfast, lunch or just a coffee, while the crowds are filling up the beaches.

3. Tipsy Drinks & More

Right behind Limani you can find a staircase that leads up to Tipsy Drinks & More, a new place in town on a viewing deck. The cocktail bar is a great place to hang out in the evening for a drink with an amazing view over the promenade and the marina. The bar also serves great sushi and offers hookah (shisha).

4. Wine Bar Kristiano

Wine Bar Kristiano is uniquely located on the top of the hill behind the town of Saranda and offers one of the best views you can have. It doesn’t usually get too crowded, making it a fantastic hidden gem to escape the busy promenade and to avoid the tourists at Lekursi Castle.

The bar opens up in the late afternoon so it’s a great place to hang out after spending the day on a tour or at the beach and have a few drinks while watching the sunset.

5. The Mussel House

Another chance to escape town is to head to Lake Butrint and have a lunch or dinner at The Mussel House. There’s definitely no better way to enjoy your mussels than with a view over the lake where the mussels are being farmed. The restaurant is located right on the waterfront so you’ll have an open view over the lake and the mountain range in the background.

If you’d like to stay the night in this natural environment you can rent one of their cabins as well.

6. View Coffee

View Coffee is one of those places you need to either know or accidentally pass by. Chances are you don’t but if you don’t mind stretching your legs with a stroll up the hill you should definitely stop by for a coffee or other drink. It’s a quiet place with comfortable couches and a view over the city that is high enough but not too high to have an unobstructed view over the town from closeby.

7. Bar-Pizza Roel

Bar Pizza Roel

Although located on the busy road Rruga Butrinti, Bar-Pizza Roel has a terrace on a viewing deck with one of the best views from this part of Saranda. During sunset you can actually see the sun dropping into the sea in stead of just behind the hills like in other places. Definitely come here early to claim your table as the best spots are gone fast.

8. Cocktail Bar REI

Cocktail Bar REI

Cocktail Bar REI is located on the top floor of one of the beachfront buildings and is a great place for a drink at any time of the day with a view over the bay of Saranda and the ferry port. During the day you can enjoy the beach view and at night you can watch the people strolling by over the promenade.

9. Magic Blue

Magic Blue is a cafe and lounge bar which is located just behind the Port of Saranda. The have a panorama view over the bay of Saranda and you can see the ferries and other boats coming and going while enjoying a drink and a snack. At night you can see the town light up and watch the corlorful lights of the many party boats passing by.

10. Bar Restorant Pulbardha

Just a few kilometers south of Saranda, secluded between the rocks, you can find Pulëbardha Beach. Its restaurant is uniquely located on a rock and offers amazing views in all directions. Off course you have a view over the amazing beach and turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, but on the other side you can see the coastline of Saranda and the nearby beaches Shpella e Pëllumbave and Mirror Beach. Needless to say, the sunset is absolutely fabulous from here.

11. Natyra Restaurant

Natyra Restaurant

With so many places facing the bay of Saranda, the other side of the hills are often overlooked. Natyra is Albanian for nature and you’ll understand why they picked this name when you set foot in this restaurant. The restaurant is one big panoramic view over the valley and the mountain ranges behind Saranda. Natyra serves amazing traditional Albanian food and is located on the back of Lekursi Hill so you’ll pass by it when visiting Lekursi Castle.

12. Italia Caffe

Italia Caffe

Italia Caffe is a small cafe on Rruga Butrinti which might not even catch your eyes on this busy road in the first place. But wait until the evening arrives and the few chairs on its small terrace are all filled up because this little gem turns into a great sunset spot. But actually any time of the day Italia Caffe is a great stop for a coffee or other drink with this amazing view.

Looking for more places to eat or have a drink? In our Food & Drinks directory you can search for bars, restaurants and cafes.

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12 Bars and restaurants in Saranda with amazing views

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